Wednesday, 15 June 2016 16:24

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) asseessed in the course of ensuring aviation security at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

From June 06 – 10, 2016, TSA assessment team had a meeting with Tan Son Nhat International Airport on ensuring aviation security.


This periodical event is in the framework of cooperation between CAAV and TSA.


Tan Son Nhat International Airport has arranged work for officials and well prepared documents related to ensure aviation security, that makes the assessment of TSA seamless. 


List of the assessment items on ensuring aviation security which was assessed by TSA assessment team within five working days at Tan Son Nhat International airport consists of aviation security program, airport emergency response planning, survey of airport security fences, gates to restricted area, security scanning for passengers, baggage and cargo, surveillance camera system, security facilities, and equipment maintenance.  


TSA assessment team also had a working session with airlines such as Cathay Pacific, FedEx and United Airlines to inspect cargo and passenger transport operations and process of ensuring for those activities.


TSA assessment team has praised Tan Son Nhat Int’l airport and functional units for their achievements on ensuring safety and security, meeting the requirements, regulations of airport security program; simultaneously offering suggestions for ensuring absolute safety and security for aviation operations at the airport in the near future.   

Tan Son Nhat International Airport