Scope of Activities

Core business lines of ACV:

  • Investment, management of capital investments, direct manufacturing at airports, and aerodromes;
  • Investment, operation of infrastructures, facilities, equipment of airports and aerodromes;
  • Provision of services of aviation safety – security;
  • Supply of maintenance services for aircrafts, aeronautical equipment and devices, and other technical facilities;
  • Supply of technical services, science and technology services both domestic and offshore areas;
  • Supply of services for ground handling services; services at passenger terminals, cargo terminals;
  • Export, import, purchase and sale of aeronautical materials, equipment, devices;
  • Agent services for carriers, tourism and transport companies, manufacturers and suppliers of aircraft materials, equipment, and aeronautical facilities;
  • Trading services, duty-free services; services at apron; and other aeronautical services at airports, aerodromes;
  • Supply of aeronautical gasoline, lubricant (including fuel, lubricant, specialized liquid) and other types of gasoline at airports, aerodromes;
  • Services of transportation of passengers, cargo, warehouse; delivery; restaurants, hotels, guesthouses;
  • And other business sectors, business lines as stipulated by laws.